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ThemeMask – A Breakthrough Concept in WordPress Theme Development

Is there a WordPress theme that matches your site’s functional requirements, but that’s too boring or ugly to use? ThemeMask is a revolutionary concept that lets you pick a highly functional, fast and secure theme and combine it with a beautiful and professional design.

The WordPress theme industry are packed with functional themes written using fast and efficient code, but that are often let down by boring and generic designs. ThemeMask is the solution to this problem.

What Is ThemeMask?

A theme mask is an exceptional and unique design that can be applied to an existing WordPress theme. Each mask uses the underlying structure and code of popular themes from ElegantThemes, Studiopress, WPzoom and Woothemes, but completely alters the design. This is achieved without modifying the core code of the source files.

The concept is easiest to explain with an analogy. If your website is like a car, then WordPress is the “engine”, a WordPress framework is the “frame and body”, a premium theme provides the internal functions. ThemeMask is like car accessories and paint job – you don’t need it to make the car run, but it can turn a generic, off-the-factory-line vehicle into something personal and unique.

Premium WordPress themes often have basic designs. Theme masks are the opposite, with eye catching imagery combined with beautiful fonts and styles. If you want your website to stand out from the thousands of others using premium themes, ThemeMask is an easy and affordable way to do so.

How does it work?

First, we use royalty-free images to create beautiful design for the full site that includes the header, the footer and the background. After the artwork is complete (see examples below), we move on to slicing the images.

To incorporate the images onto a theme, we use the CSS overlay and jQuery technique. This is where the difficult part comes in. We need to ensure pixel perfect position and accuracy so that the mask embeds into the theme seamlessly. Besides, we have to make sure after the masking process, the theme will be able to function well in different layouts and settings. Which means after installing a mask with some configuration, your site will function as good as before the mask is activated, with an attractive design.

Want to see ThemeMask in action? A live demo has been created for the Meeta theme that you can view the design and even download the theme and all the masks for FREE!

How to apply a mask?

Applying a mask to a theme is a simple process. Assuming you’ve already activated the theme, the next step is to install the ThemeMask Manager plugin. Once the plugin is activated, you can add new masks directly through the plugin interface, and select the one you want from a dropdown box.

Here is a graphical example to apply a mask on the Chameleon theme created by ElegantThemes:

As WordPress users ourselves, we know that most website owners are constantly tweaking theme files, settings and other custom features of WordPress. If you buy a completely new theme, you’re likely to lose many of your changes, so most admins just settle for their existing theme.

ThemeMask solves this problem. Masks can be changed at any time through the plugin interface, and only affect the design of the website. Each mask uses a unique CSS technique to overlay – or mask – the existing theme without editing the core code. Existing content, widgets, layout and settings aren’t affected.

How Much Does ThemeMask Cost?

If you already run a WordPress site and want a new design, or if you’ve found a theme that fits your functional requirements but doesn’t look as attractive as you’d like, you have two options:

  • Pay a web design company hundreds or even thousands of dollars to completely customize your theme.
  • Pay less than $20 for a minimum of 9 theme masks, each containing professionally designed images and styles.

That’s right. For just $19.9, you’re getting at least 9 designs (a new mask will be added monthly) that others would pay hundreds for. We’re passionate about beautiful themes, and each theme mask is unique and professional designed. We only use the best and most creative WordPress designers.

We also offer a developer package, which includes all PSD files. If you’re an advanced user or a theme developer, the developer package can cut your development time dramatically.

Which Themes Are Supported?

We currently create masks for selected themes developed by leading developers such as ElegantThemes and StudioPress. These are two of the most established WordPress theme companies. New themes are being added on a regular basis, so if your current theme isn’t listed yet please check back regularly.

Examples of themes that are currently supported include Chameleon and SimplePress by Elegant Themes, Executive and Lifestyle by StudioPress, Meeta by WPzoom and The Station by Woothemes. All the themes are very popular in the WordPress community because of them being stable, reliable and feature-packed.

Please note that each mask is designed for a specific premium theme, and won’t work with other themes.

Why Use ThemeMask?

There’s a reason why the best looking themes seem to be lacking in function, and those with great features are often basic and boring to look at. Most web designers are interested in designing rather than web development, so often create attractive themes that lack in functionality. Web developers are usually the opposite.

There are a few exceptions, but WordPress themes with interesting or unique features tend to be less attractive. ThemeMask gives you the best of both worlds – great features and functions from existing premium themes, with high quality, eye catching designs.

Recap of reasons to use ThemeMask:

  • You don’t have to worry about losing existing settings, content, widgets or custom fields when using ThemeMask. A mask can be activated or deactivated at any time, without any of your site’s functions being affected. You can even swap masks with a single click if you decide you want a new look for your site.
  • You can download and use multiple masks for less than $20. To pay a designer for a single custom theme of the same quality would cost 20-30 times more, and the theme wouldn’t be compatible with an existing WordPress setup.
  • Simple three step installation makes adding and activating new masks easy. The ThemeMask plugin is designed to take all the hassle out of installing new masks.
  • ThemeMask supports premium themes from ElegantThemes, StudioPress, WPzoom and Woothemes. These companies are known for producing high quality and secure themes, which is why we’ve chosen to focus on them exclusively.
  • Access to our support forum is included in the price, and we aim to provide mask related support in less than 36 hours.
  • All our masks are constantly updated to make sure they work with the latest theme version.

We’re passionate about creating attractive designs for WordPress, and each mask is designed to be aesthetically beautiful and unique. We also plan on releasing new masks on a monthly basis. If your site is starting to look old and tired, or if you want your new blog to stand out in a crowded marketplace, ThemeMask is the solution.

2 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    Your product sounds great and looks very attractive. Does this mean that I can change the look and feel of my site myself without messing it up. Can you have a look at my site thanks ( though I know it needs a lot of work)

    ( I have bought so many things in the past but havent used them )

    • Brian L says:

      Hi Mary,
      One of the big advantages of using ThemeMask is that you don’t need to change the code of the original theme. One limitation is that you have to use the premium theme listed on our site. Currently, we have built masks for 7 premium themes.

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